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Done - No Pigs on the Futon
November 5th, 2008
03:27 am


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Pungenday the Sixteenth of Aftermath in the Year CUS

It's late and I'm tired and I have things I should do before tomorrow (that is, before sunup) instead of writing here, but if I don't do it now I likely won't, because, y'know. Busy.

So there I was on the couch in my on-campus apartment, watching the final few minutes of the Stewart-Colbert coverage, when two things happened at once: A giant picture of Obama's face appeared on-screen as Jon Stewart called the election for Obama; and my cell phone rang. Answering, I was greeted with the Latin (which I have since forgotten) for "All hail the Caeser!"

Outside our fourth story window I could hear yelling and screaming from the students that had begun to flood the street while I tried to get an explanation of the Latin from one Ms. Barkley and pay attention to the last bits of the Indecision '08 finale at the same time. I felt a strange, subdued elation - subdued because I've been confident in Obama's victory for the past two weeks, but strangely still powerful, affecting. Of course the real issue at stake was the size of the new Senate majority; of course the only real uncertainty was whether my home state, reliably red North Carolina, would finally do the right thing and go blue for Obama as the polls seemed to suggest it might. But still. And yet.

A little later there was champagne, courtesy of a flatmate. I purposely avoided watching the news network coverage of the election this year, resolving to replace those mindless hours of obsessive speculation with a single one-hour slot hosted by my two favorite satirical newsmen. I still ended up check Yahoo's "political dashboard" more than was healthy (i.e., more than once in twenty minutes), and I was too worked up to fix dinner until after the announcement. It took an hour to wind down, too, so I wasn't cooking 'til twelve nor eating 'til one. Such is life.

There was some political discussion in the apartment during that wind-down period. I felt a certain glee at not having to care at all about what was said. "Well I guess we'll see," I said. "Too late now," I said, "he's in office.


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